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Legal Recently, the ITC ruled in favour of Samsung, issuing an exclusion order against certain Apple products, barring them from being sold in the US. Several people have called upon president Obama to step in and overrule the decision (e.g. this guy) - however, not only would this set a very bad precedent for non-US companies, it would also simply be incredibly unfair if you actually look at the ITC ruling itself. Because of this, it is quite unlikely that Obama will step in.
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RE: Comment by Nelson
by dvhh on Thu 1st Aug 2013 11:39 UTC in reply to "Comment by Nelson"
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The why should Samsung product get banned when Apple product should not.
I've think that Apple already gained ban on multiple Samsung product in Europe (probably Germany). And has requested ban of multiple Samsung product in the US as well.
While I agree that most patents are nonsense, nobody seem to move away from it.
I see no defense the patent system, it is implied that if Apple wanted to play the patent game, it also had to solve its licencing . Samsung is only playing by the same rules as Apple here (speaking of copycat), and using the same weapons.
I feel no sympathy for either of the companies (disclosure : neither of them have gifted me with anything of value superior to 5$, and I don't own share nor interest in any of those), although I am more annoyed by Apple fans than Samsung fans.

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