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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Like LG, Sony's smartphone division is now also doing quite well:

In the three months between April and June of this year, Sony saw both a "significant increase in unit sales" of its Android smartphones and an improved average selling price per handset. That's at the heart of the company's improved profitability.

The common parlance that only Samsung is profiting off Android is, as I've said before, simply no longer true. All it took for companies like LG and Sony to become profitable with Android is to, you know, stop making crap phones, and start producing good ones.


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This is real
by protomank on Thu 1st Aug 2013 13:40 UTC
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Just yesterday I saw a little girl in the bus using a XPeria phone. A friend of mine bought one (later replaced by an iPhone and his girlfriend got the XPeria).
And more, I that own a Samsung Galaxy 3/Apollo (i5800) am planning to buy a XPeria myself, because of Sony changes to Android policy (open bootloader tools, support for CyanogenMod) and mostly of all: hardware quality.
I had a Sony Ericsson dumbphone before, it was rock solid, it is still working better than my Samsung Android phone. XPeria phones look really, really solid, contrary to Samsung ones. Plus, the colored bar light effect seduces.

So, this is no surprise, they really have a good product line and are increasing sales.

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