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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Apparently, an advertising agency hired by Samsung is trying to buy people to post questions about the company on StackOverflow. This is what Delyan Kratunov was asked to do (he declined):

All we need you to do is talk about the SSAC (Samsung Smart App Challenge) and get the word out. How? We were thinking about 4 questions on Stackoverflow over the span of a month..... as well as replies to posts made by other members. Don't worry about finding the questions to reply to because we will send you links.

Stay classy, Samsung.

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more widespread than you think?
by project_2501 on Thu 1st Aug 2013 14:30 UTC
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I know first hand of companies that do this on behalf of large clients... going back 5+ years.

Think about it - the web of comments reviews questions tweets etc has a significant influence on how products and companies are perceived. Many of us won't buy a product if the online world isn't positive about it - despite never having tried the product itself. So there's a lot to gain or lose.

I am always suspicious of comments on sites - even this one - and do wonder if some posters are in fact .. er.. working for someone else.

Not a nice thought - but hey that's the world we live in .. messages from avatars from people we know not.

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Thom_Holwerda Member since:

Oh this happens a lot - in fact, I'm pretty sure out comment sections, too, are... Visited by people who are being paid to post.

It's hard to prove, though.

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Lennie Member since:

Actually it goes deeper than that, certain supposedly independent industry or subject websites are actually run by just or for one company from that industry.

They might review products of different vendors or talk about tips. "what to look for in a X", where X is a feature only very few vendors have support for in their products.

It doesn't really matter, as long as you get the message out about the advantages of certain products from a certain company while still have a veil of independence.

It's the same like certain industry magazines have articles written by and paid for (like an ad) by vendors.

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Fergy Member since:

Oh this happens a lot - in fact, I'm pretty sure out comment sections, too, are... Visited by people who are being paid to post.

It's hard to prove, though.

I find it scarier that the people you suspect are being paid are _not_ being paid.

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abdavidson Member since:

Man I totally wish I was being paid to post comments. ;)

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lucas_maximus Member since:

My job entails me working with a large proprietary CMS built on .NET, there is nothing inheritantly bad with the technology itself but it is quite a complicated beast.

When searching google for Information, I come across blog posts from people that are either heavily involved (MVP) which are making a name for themselves to get more work or are blatently written by someone evangelising the tech.

I am a registered Samsung developer and tbh what really irritates me about this is that their developer docs are pretty poor and there is no clear app store policy.

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Nelson Member since:

Seriously. Some of us use these technologies for a living and its our bread and butter. I honestly wish I could get paid to comment on a forum all day because it beats trying to herd the code monkeys at the office.

Platform evangelism seems like a fun job though, so long as its a declared title and not an Astroturf.

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