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Let’s say you’ve decided to set up a website or an application. You'll obviously need something to manage the data. Yes, that's right, a database. So, what is it going to be? MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL? After all, nothing can be as amazing as a good old RDBMS that employs SQL to manage the data.

Well, allow me to introduce to you an entirely unique and unconventional Database model - NoSQL.

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by Nelson on Fri 2nd Aug 2013 19:59 UTC
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I find that in many use cases SQL is overkill where a document db will do, plus the flexibility afforded by storing straight JSON makes rapid prototyping a breeze.

For a while we had square peg round hole situations where everything was shoved into a relational model, which is where I think the rapid uptake of NoSQL databases came from.

For Redis, since stuff like ram became cheap, ensuring low latency by just using a K/V store in memory works pretty well too.

At massive scales, the least path of resistance to scale is usually the one that prevails.

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