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Linux From ZDnet:

Fancy running iWork on Linux? It may one day be possible courtesy of a project to get Apple OS X programs running on Linux-based operating systems.

Similar to how Wine allows Windows applications to run in Linux OS, the Darling project is trying to build a software compatibility layer to run OS X apps.

I obviously doubt the attainability of the project's goals, but this will be a fantastic coding experience for the programmers involved.

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RE: Does not seem that hard
by Darkmage on Sat 3rd Aug 2013 21:39 UTC in reply to "Does not seem that hard"
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Doesn't seem that hard... except GNUstep have been trying to reimplement Cocoa for about a decade now, and there's still no apps for that environment. Outside of GNUstep's 20-odd part-time coders there's not enough manpower to cover both projects.

Frankly I'd be happy to just see multitabbed terminal, and a webbrowser implemented in gnustep. With stretch goals being a music player/database ala itunes implemented, and an extreme stretch goal of System Preferences tapping into X11/Pulseaudio to setup system settings.

Hell, even a wrapped web browser would be better than my Apple style menu bar disappearing everytime I go online, like it currently does. Mantella from Etoile project used to exist, but since firefox killed the old way to embed gecko there's nothing.

GNUstep is my favourite Desktop project and sadly the one seeing the least attention/developers ;) Most GNUstep developers have given up on the apps and are focused on the API which is a real shame. The apps could really fix what's broken on the Linux desktop. All GNUstep apps work the same way, can be configured to work like OSX/Windows/NextStep applications, which let's the user decide which paradigm they prefer. just Defaults write menustyle NSMacintoshStyle to make your apps work like OSX, menu bar at the top of the screen for all and Defaults write menustyle NSWindowsStyle to get Windows style menus in each application window. It's a real shame.

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