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Google Android gets a 'find my phone' service from Google, for 2.2 and above.

Have you ever lost your phone in between the couch cushions or forgot it in a restaurant? Or maybe searching for your phone before you rush out the door is part of your morning routine? Later this month, the new Android Device Manager can help you out. It's one of a few simple features you can use to keep your device - and the data you store inside - safe and secure.

About time.

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RE[7]: Avast!
by ilovebeer on Sun 4th Aug 2013 04:00 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Avast!"
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"I said it's unwise to keep a trove of information in one location, especially when that is a single device that is easily stolen and hacked.

Right, which seems to imply that you think mobile banking stores information on your device. If someone stole my device they would know which bank I use, nothing else.

You're misinterpreting what I've said. I've stated quite clearly what I think -- that keeping a trove of sensitive personal information in one place is a bad idea. I didn't allude to a mobile banking app, or any other app for that matter, doing this. I would hope it's obvious that I'm referring to the owner of the cell phone. Leaving bread crumbs everywhere can add up, especially if all those bread crumbs are in one place or in one device. Do you disagree? I know a lot of people who do pretty much everything on their phone. Obtaining sensitive information from them is as easy as simply picking up their phone and trolling around in it.

Now, you said if someone got ahold of your phone, they would know what bank you use but nothing else. That may be true. It may also be true that you leave enough personal information in your phone that they could get a pretty detailed picture of who you are, where you are, what you do, etc. You may be one of those people whose cell phone is a central part of daily life. If that is the case, I would offer that you should reconsider that aspect.

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