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Amiga & AROS The interview details, among many other things, the follow up to the AmigaOne X1000: "The Cyrus development is the future replacement for the Nemo motherboard when the supply of P.A. Semi CPUs finally dries up or the price becomes commercially unviable. The Cyrus board was the original Revision 1.0 prototype and was completed towards the end of last year. Cyrus Plus is the Revision 2.0 board which includes additional PCIe and PCI slots. The Cyrus design is based on the Freescale P5020 CPU which is a dual-core 64-bit PowerPC SoC. It also supports DDR3 RAM and includes an improved Xena/Xorro combination." Crazy powerful hardware for an operating system that doesn't even support any for of SMP. I admire the hardware they've been able to build and sell, but the real issue is, of course, AmigaOS itself - touch-ups, sure, but it's still heavily outdated in almost every aspect and can't really make much use of the powerful hardware it is given.
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AmigaOS and MorphOS is the winners!
by AmixG5 on Sun 4th Aug 2013 22:12 UTC
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Since 1985, everyone wanted Amiga to be DEAD!.. But guess what?.. Amiga spirit is sooo alive.. but you people just ignores this soo much it hurts.. I HATE PC users who blame AmigaOS with nonsense, who blame that AmigaOS is so outdated.. I HATE Mac users which thinks that their os is soo much better than anything else.. but the FACT is that both Windows and OSX would DIE if the companies died. Amiga is a LIVING proof, that it is dedicated users that matters.

Amiga Community create its own Hardware, its own OS and its own programs. Were just different! We love our computers and operating systems (AmigaOS4, AROS and MorphOS). We have companies STILL making hardware for Classic Amiga 1200 and Amiga 4000. We have programs that just outperforms everything else out there.

Ohh.. and while Windows and OSX users makes their OS's slower and slower... People criticize that AmigaOS needs to be booted because lack of SMP??? I rather want to be able to boot 5 seconds, than live in pain with slowness!

Stop spreading false info about AMIGA Thom!.. You seem to ignore Amiga community out of sudden. What happened to you? MorphOS etc use of old ppc macs is what I call optimizing!...

I NEVER SEEN my iBook G4 actually be sooo fast in my whole life. People comments it as a dual core i7 3GHz PC. And my iBook G4 is friggin 1.33GHz with only 1GB of RAM.

The purpose of AmigaOS is the fact it outperforms ANYTHING out there, but the PC world is a bunch of ignorant people (except for few)!!! AmigaOS doesn't need SMP or dual core support.. its already 30-40 times faster than any OS on the very same hardware.

I have 1x iMac i7, 1x MacBook Pro Retina, 1x MacMini G4, 1x iBook G4 and 1x PowerBook G4. I have a PC also! I also have PS3 etc+++ but to be honest. Amiga RULEZ! You can say as much you want, but what pisses of Amiga users, is the all untrue bashing about AmigaOS. That way, Amiga just gets stronger and we show what a true creative computer user is. Soon Viva Amiga documentary will be released, so the world will know. I am tired of the ignorant PC world. I am tired of trying to fight and tell people why Amiga is so great. Its hard to convice people that Dreamcast was a better console than PS2 also. I will fight until the end. Not because I want Amiga to win, but because the truth about computing history should come out somewhere, and I feel its my responsibility that you and I know this.

Thanks for reading!

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And don't forget about lack of memory protection (hence proper multitasking) and frequent Guru Meditation errors...

And that vast majority of Amiga users moved to modern platforms, Windows and OSX (out of millions only few thousand remain, who are willing to be ripped off by Amiga companies)

And how Amiga OSes are fast at not doing much.

There's also Amithlon ...if it weren't killed by Amiga companies, it would be probably by far the fastest Amiga now, thanks to PC hardware.

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