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Let’s say you’ve decided to set up a website or an application. You'll obviously need something to manage the data. Yes, that's right, a database. So, what is it going to be? MySQL, MS-SQL, Oracle or PostgreSQL? After all, nothing can be as amazing as a good old RDBMS that employs SQL to manage the data.

Well, allow me to introduce to you an entirely unique and unconventional Database model - NoSQL.

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by ssokolow on Mon 5th Aug 2013 12:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by ssokolow"
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"Calling NoSQL "a type of database" is about as accurate as calling atheism "a religion".

Well, it does seem like quite a few atheists practice it with an almost religious zeal and elitism.

No argument there. The presence of personality attributes like zeal and elitism is orthogonal to the presence or absence of any given set of religious beliefs.

"I always hate seeing people lumping key-value stores, hierarchical databases, document-oriented databases, and everything else under the sun that isn't SQL-based under one term

Why? That's what they are. Relational, object-oriented, key-value, hierarchical etc etc are all different types of databases.

That's what I said. They're different types of databases so it makes no sense to use the same term to describe "every type of database except SQL-based relational".

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