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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless I wrote this almost exactly three years ago, to much debate:

Sure, Apple will most likely still make far more money per sold iPhone device than competitors will per Android phone, but the trend is clear: as much as I love my iPhone, it will be relegated to a ~10% market share figure within a few quarters.

It took a little longer than "a few quarters", but here we are. Android has revolutionised the smartphone market. I'm not particularly happy about that (both Android and Samsung are far too dominant, which is bad for the market and thus for consumers), but there it is.

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RE[2]: The final conclusion???
by cdude on Thu 8th Aug 2013 15:59 UTC in reply to "RE: The final conclusion???"
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I'm just not sure what the big disappointing negatives are about android

Neither can anybody else whats why its still the same old fragmentation spin. The argument about missing competition is as void. Competition, invention happens. Its even more required then ever when everybody starts from the same origin. No advantage by ecosystem, vendor lock-in, by just being there. Think how iOS could be if not only Apple does, how WP could be when Nokia could do and how Android would be if only e.g. Moto had it.

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