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While Microsoft's latest Windows Phone 8 update is slowly rolling out to existing handsets, the company is prepping new changes that will be made available by the end of the year. Sources familiar with Microsoft's Windows Phone plans have revealed to The Verge that the software maker is currently testing a General Distribution 3 (GDR3) update. The update is designed for new hardware initially, and will provide a rotation lock feature, UI changes to Live Tiles, and a driving mode option that's designed for in-car use.

Apple and Google are surely shaking in their boots.

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No it isnt
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The Windows Phone interface isn't actually much different. It's just a slightly different layout (vertical scrolling, whoop-de-doo!) with a different icon shape (rectangular). Pretending that WP8 is so radically different that it somehow doesn't need better notifications (it does) and easier access to commonly used settings (it really, really does) is just disingenuous: WP8 does not, functionally, distinguish itself from other phone operating systems. Hell, it doesn't even scroll smoothly (its one biggest selling point, if fanboys were to be believed).

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User experience is a lot more than the direction you scroll in, and hopefully you know that.

I haven't personally seen choppy scrolling on my Windows Phone in a long, long time. Certainly not WP8. Its freakishly smooth and consistent.

As far as the other things, I agree some need work and I don't think anyone is making excuses for their absence, merely providing insight as to the best way to go about implementing them.

Live Tiles are a twist on notifications, but they're not enough. I would however be disappointed to just see them rip a notification center from Android. I don't think its unreasonable to be hopeful for creativity and thoughtfulness.

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The scrolling is certainly consistent, but it's always ~30 fps. I would have expected a consistent 60 fps, which is certainly possible. It's certainly a lot worse than the Nexus 4. Perhaps better than the old Nexus 7, which is a bit jerky (and Android really is more inconsistent at this).

WP8's user experience has some things going for it, at the moment mainly the use of big icons instead of small ones. But. The keyboard sucks donkey balls. My last Nokia was the N9, and its keyboard is so much better than Microsoft's that it's an insult. The WP8 keyboard is worse than Android 1.6. The menues are messier than Android 1.6. The functionality isn't on par with Android 1.6. The whole OS is a bit shit. But it's got big rectangles. Really. That's all it's got going for it.

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