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Legal Ed Black, President & CEO of the Computer & Communications Industry Association:

The Administration’s unprecedented decision to veto an ITC "Section 337" import ban against Apple for infringing Samsung's intellectual property is a disruptive and potentially dangerous development that calls into question the fairness of our trading regime and could undermine the way US companies are treated globally.


Adjudication by USTR fiat, however, is unacceptable and invites other countries to do the same. While Ambassador Froman's letter cites policy issues, it offers little helpful analysis or guidance. And it ignores the ITC's determination that Apple failed to prove either that Samsung's patent was a standard-essential patent or that Samsung breached its obligation to a standards-setting organization.

Well said.

This is the core of the problem with Obama's veto. Not only did he completely and utterly contradict the findings of an expert panel of judges who investigated all the materials in great detail, he also sent out a very strong message: if you're a foreign company doing business in the US, you will be treated as a second class citizen. Combined with the endless stream of negative press concerning surveillance and which hunts for whistleblowers, the US just got a whole lot less enticing for technology companies.

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RE[7]: Comment by Stephen!
by novad on Sat 10th Aug 2013 18:08 UTC in reply to "RE[6]: Comment by Stephen!"
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Foreign ignorance and perception isn't the concern of the United States Trade Representative when he is tasked with ensuring that the public interest is respected

Thank you for making my point. You just didn't say "US public interest" but it was obvious. So... We agree that this was a decision to protect US interests.

This isn't again an impactful decision besides telling the ITC they got it wrong.

Oh wow... You don't often check international medias. This IS a big story. It's in every news media. And to be clear... It's not the "standard" coverage of an Apple vs Samsung trial. It's the veto and the international implications of this overuling that are reported.

So if Samsung has as strong a case as Thom thinks, they can go back through our Court system and have their concerns heard. Not an unelected panel of officials which is already overburdened (it takes at least 18 months for ITC decisions to be handed down).

Well no... Samsung can't go back to court. At least not about this ruling. No juge in the US can overule a presidential Veto. Samsung can try to obtain a new ruling about a new or modified case. But that's all.

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RE[8]: Comment by Stephen!
by Nelson on Sat 10th Aug 2013 19:32 in reply to "RE[7]: Comment by Stephen!"
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DO me a favor and READ the damn letter to the ITC. This shit is not hard. Its only four pages. Take some time off of posting utter and complete nonsensical bullshit on this website and read it.

On the very last sentence:
"On the contrary, the patent owner may continue to pursue its rights through the courts."

I've highlighted the important parts in case you missed it. This is insanity trying to have a rational discussion with people like you.

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RE[9]: Comment by Stephen!
by novad on Sat 10th Aug 2013 19:55 in reply to "RE[8]: Comment by Stephen!"
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Thank you for your insults. There was not more to expect from brainwashed fanboys.

And you are talking about rational discussion? Funny...

I allready read that document... In what way is it in contradiction with what I said?

Oh yeah... The distortion field... Sorry.

Just one last info. After that I won't answer anything else from you.

EVEN if a new veto would be pronounced to protect Samsung nothing would change regarding Apples "protection"

Samsungs hardware touched by this decision are old models barely sold in the US.

The Apple phone "saved" by the Veto (Last one was by Regan!!) is the 4th in the list of best selled phones in the US.

P.S: I find funny that each of your post is immediatly rated with 2 comments... Or you have a lot of followers (Who knows...) or you have created additional accounts to upvote yourself... Pathetic

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