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Android tablets browsing share is still relatively low in Europe, but very strong in Asia. Despite the iPad's head start in the market, Android's tablet browsing share has nearly matched the iPad in Asia. More importantly, the overall trend is sharply in favor of Android tablets, which supports the strong shipment performance over the past few quarters.

Good analysis. Sameer Singh compares the growth trend of Android tablets to that of Android smartphones in the past, and it shows that Android tablet usage is actually growing faster than Android smartphone usage did in the past.

At this point, nothing seems to be able to stop Android's total and utter dominance. Not Apple, not Microsoft. Scary.

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RE[3]: Comment by OSbunny
by No it isnt on Sat 10th Aug 2013 23:25 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by OSbunny"
No it isnt
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Wrong. I've got every reason to trust Google more than Microsoft and Apple. For one, I can buy their stuff and still own my own hardware.

Sure, things may change. But pretending they already did makes you the idiot.

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RE[4]: Comment by OSbunny
by bassbeast on Sun 11th Aug 2013 06:26 in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by OSbunny"
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How so? Most Android phones I've seen you have to jailbreak, no different than Apple or MSFT. Maybe its different in the EU but in the states there really doesn't seem to be much difference in the companies.

I mean sure you can download the source, but what good is that when most of the drivers are proprietary and not included? You can download the source for TiVo as well, don't do you any good though. i looked into this when folks started bringing tablets and cellphones into my shop and again at least in the states unless you are lucky enough to have cyanogenmod support your device you are SOL, so again I fail to see what magically makes Google better than the other two, in fact all the datamining done by Google is probably a little worse than the other 2.

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RE[5]: Comment by OSbunny
by No it isnt on Sun 11th Aug 2013 12:00 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by OSbunny"
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Google's devices are readily unlockable.

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