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Oracle and SUN

Business magnate Larry Ellison thinks that without Steve Jobs -- "our Edison" and "our Picasso" -- Apple corporation is in trouble.

Larry Ellison was one of Jobs' closest friends. Then again, this is the same Ellison who presided over one of the most idiotic and - for Oracle - disastrous lawsuits in technology history.

Update: A few new tidbits from the interview: Google is "completely evil" because of Java, and the mass surveillance by the US government is "absolutely necessary". So, aside from being utterly delusional (the Google and Java thing), he also does not believe in civil rights, and would much rather everyone give up their privacy and right to free speech.

What a tool. No wonder nobody cares about Oracle.

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by moondevil on Wed 14th Aug 2013 06:26 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by MOS6510"
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But sure, without the Apple intervention, NeXT and OPENSTEP would have died. I wonder how the world would be now had the favorite at the time, BeOS, been snapped up as MacOS X.

Opening the what if box:

- Jobs wouldn't have joined Apple again

- All the nice iDevices might not have been created

- Objective-C would be an history footnote

- I doubt effort would be spent making Mac OS X (BeOS) UNIX compatible

- Hackers might have not jumped ship to Mac OS X from GNU/Linux as UNIX support wouldn't be available and the system language would be C++ (hated by all Linus followers).

So looking how things happened with Jobs on board, and being old enough to know the old Apple, I imagine buying BeOS instead might have lead to Apple joining Commodore, Atari, Acorn and friends.

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