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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "The Meanings of Googliness" and "The Meanings of Appleiness".

The sad thing is not that this is apparently a thing - no, the sad thing is that people actually believe this to be true. If you believe Apple and Google really care about you as a user, you've already lost the battle.

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It depends whether paying 40% mark-up is important to you? It depends whether them pretending to be nice to you vs actually being nice is important.

I regularly give a 20% tip down a local tapas bar because I like food and the staff are friendly, I am sure it to get my custom again. I give them a nice tip and I get better treatment down there as a well tipping customer. I get what I want nice food and service and they get a little extra on the side.

I know what the deal is, it doesn't matter.

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Then maybe next time tip 40% extra for Apple sales and devs rather then Carl Icahn?

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Oh it an OSNEWS commenter who does the "Lets forget the overall point and concentrate on specifics".

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