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Oracle and SUN

Business magnate Larry Ellison thinks that without Steve Jobs -- "our Edison" and "our Picasso" -- Apple corporation is in trouble.

Larry Ellison was one of Jobs' closest friends. Then again, this is the same Ellison who presided over one of the most idiotic and - for Oracle - disastrous lawsuits in technology history.

Update: A few new tidbits from the interview: Google is "completely evil" because of Java, and the mass surveillance by the US government is "absolutely necessary". So, aside from being utterly delusional (the Google and Java thing), he also does not believe in civil rights, and would much rather everyone give up their privacy and right to free speech.

What a tool. No wonder nobody cares about Oracle.

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RE[3]: Not a good comparison
by BallmerKnowsBest on Wed 14th Aug 2013 17:45 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Not a good comparison"
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It's not obvious that a kid in his twenties leading a company from a garage to attracting major corporate growth over its first seven years (the first wave of the new Silicon Valley) -- and leaving in his wake control to MBA/corporate types rather than trusted, experienced, tech-focused generals -- is a lot different than a much more mature man leading the same but very different company more than a decade later, after a great deal of maturing and learning experiences at new enterprises, for a decade and a half and turning it into the most profitable technology company in the world led by the same core group that Jobs has been grooming for leadership for 5-15 years?

I feel bad for the people who can't see the obvious differences and only see similarities.

Funny, because I feel bad for anyone who tried to parse your 120-word run-on sentence. But yes, he was clearly a different person - for example, during his first tenure at Apple, Jobs didn't mastermind any illegal pricing-fixing arrangements with publishers.

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