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After spending a little time with the Ascend P6 getting it set up with our accounts and apps, we have to say we're quite impressed with the build quality. This is a big step up over some of its offerings last year, and even over what it announced just at CES in January. It is incredibly thin and relatively light as well, without feeling cheap or flimsy and the use of different metals along with small plastic accents is quite nice. The display also looks crisp and bright despite only being 720p (although the resolution is quite acceptable at 4.7-inches), and the device is overall refreshingly small compared to the ballooning sizes of recent handsets.

This thing is going places. Huawei is advertising it all over the country on national TV here in The Netherlands, and it's being pushed by retail chains. The next Samsung won't be American or European, but Chinese.

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RE[3]: Updates?
by dsmogor on Thu 15th Aug 2013 10:12 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Updates?"
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That wouldn't be that easy, they get software and chip designs down to gate level from Apple.
Planting something to that that Apple engineers wouldn't notice is nearly impossible... nearly.

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by philipstaffordwood on Thu 15th Aug 2013 11:24 in reply to "RE[3]: Updates?"
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Impossible to hide something among more than 200 million transistors?


Only reference to a transistor count estimate I could find was at:

Check out a few intentional IC easter eggs:

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