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The partner of the Guardian journalist who has written a series of stories revealing mass surveillance programmes by the US National Security Agency was held for almost nine hours on Sunday by UK authorities as he passed through London's Heathrow airport on his way home to Rio de Janeiro.

David Miranda, who lives with Glenn Greenwald, was returning from a trip to Berlin when he was stopped by officers at 8.05am and informed that he was to be questioned under schedule 7 of the Terrorism Act 2000. The controversial law, which applies only at airports, ports and border areas, allows officers to stop, search, question and detain individuals.

Miranda also had all his equipment confiscated. He has done nothing wrong - there's no charges, no criminal suspicion, nothing at all. His only crime is being the partner of a famous journalist who, among other things, is one of the driving forces behind shining a light on the NSA's mass surveillance.

There is no war on terror, because the terrorists have already won.

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RE: How can this be stopped ?!
by Kochise on Tue 20th Aug 2013 08:44 UTC in reply to "How can this be stopped ?!"
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Well, there was bombing and dead people by the ETA, so it's not just paranoia :

"Since 1968, ETA has been held responsible for killing 829 people, injuring thousands and undertaking dozens of kidnappings."

Not what I call "harmless", pardon me... Not to speak about their "revolutionary tax" that is just mafia-like : pay for your "protection" or get bombed/killed/whatever.


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Oh, pardon me but you are intentionally missing my point and the point of the article, trying to convert it into a a debate about how bad terrorism is. Of course it is, I know it much better than you, probably.

I was not talking about terrorism, which in fact is very disgusting and deplorable. We are talking here about the *abuses* of the authorities taking advantage of exceptional laws for crushing and intimidating the civilian population and/or the dissidents which have not commited any crime. Don't you agree? Do you know what I am talking about? Want me to cite some other cases throughout the world/history in case you feel uncomfortable with the Basque Country affair?

Does the existence of terrorism justify cruel abuses and torture on innocents? Paramilitary Death Squadrons (ATE, BVE, can wiki/google them) which killed hundreds too? Want me to cite Central America? (the backyard of the US, home of some of the world's most terrorised populations).

Read the title of Thom's post again; it contains "...abuses terrorism law to intimidate..."

Machiavelli is well alive, I see.

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Non mais y'a pas de soucis, j'ai bien compris le fond du problème, mais il ne faut pas non plus "omettre" les détails qui donnent justification aux gouvernements d'opérer de la sorte. Après, il y aura toujours dérive, des deux cotés, hein...

Mais l'Homme n'apprendra jamais de son histoire, qui sera un éternel recommencement, hélas. De grandes paroles vaines, des concepts fumeux sur la liberté de parole, l'égalité des chances, la fraternité, venant d'un pays colonisateur, ça m'a toujours bien fait marrer.


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