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The first production batch of Jolla smartphones has been fully booked by consumers and selected sales channels. Jolla launched its first smartphone at the #JollaLoveDay event inMay. At the same time, Jolla kicked off an online pre-order campaign, which reached its first batch limit by mid-July. Online pre-orders were received from 136 countries in all.

I'm one of those who pre-ordered, so it's good news for me. They won't reveal just how many people placed a pre-order, but they do state that a typical batch (as mentioned) is about 50000 units.

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by fretinator on Wed 21st Aug 2013 19:38 UTC in reply to "Comment by shmerl"
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I imagine Thom has all of them attached to his belt, each with a separate phone number. At any given moment, one of them is sure to ring, beep or buzz. Eventually, his friends tire of his constant interruptions, and one of them hits him on the head with a phablet, steals all of the phones, and pawns them to buy cheap whiskey from Ireland. Fortunately, Fiona Apple sings at his funeral and dazzles everyone with her rendition of the old spiritual, "What a dork we have in Thom, all our phones and beeps to wear..." -- or something like that.

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Hm. Finnegan's Wake would be probably more appropriate in that context:

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