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The new Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus 3D viewing. And the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible.

Curiously enough, the 2DS actually has only one screen - it's divided in two by the casing. The entire screen is touch-capable, but the top screen is covered by plastic so you can't touch it there. Like the Wii U's controller, this thing just looks weird and unwieldily, and while the price is nice, I doubt it will turn Nintendo's fortunes around.

Imagine a phone and/or tablet designed and built by Nintendo, with a proper integrated gamepad, capable of output to external displays, with access to Nintendo's entire back catalog of games - from the NES, through the Game Boy, SNES, Nintendo64, GameCube, DS, and Wii (if compatible with non-motion controls). Of course, new games can be published as well.

Nintendo should not be making yet another device to carry aside from your phone. They should be making a phone.

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RE[4]: No...
by UltraZelda64 on Thu 29th Aug 2013 01:34 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: No..."
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I don't play DVDs any longer anyway. I stream most of my video... in case you didn't notice, the world has changed.

The Wii was released in 2006. DVD was most definitely still being used quite a bit back then. I remember the fits of rage people threw back then when they found out that it would not play them, and I rejoiced, happy that Nintendo was sticking to its core and not forcing me to pay for extra crap that I perceive as useless and unwanted. After all--I already had a nice 5-disc DVD player, and had no desire to place extra wear and tear on the optical disc drive of my video game system.

Amusingly, you sort of made my point. These days, the technology in a handheld gaming device is all standardized - it's the same stuff you find in every other device. Why limit its usage to one task, when it can clearly do more?

Yes... we might as well have our cars brew our coffee, toast our bread, pour our beer, download our porn and torrents, and wake us up in the morning too. Hey, why not? But really, this is a storage device we're talking about here. If people want to load theirs with pictures, fine, but I won't. Not the one I use in my Wii, at least. I would have a dedicated card for that, and most likely a dedicated device to primarily use it with.

You must have missed it - at this point, a 3DS is just a crippled mini-tablet computer with some extra buttons.

I thought I already mentioned that I was not a fan of that system? Or maybe I just said that I don't own one, I don't remember and don't really care. Well, either way, I was never too thrilled with the 3DS' extra "non-gaming" features. I have slammed it in the past. Now, I just don't care, because I have got out of portable gaming. I just can't bring myself to sit cramped staring at a tiny screen with crappy speakers.

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