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QNX According to a Computerworld article, BlackBerry is exploring putting itself up for sale, as the company falls into 4th place in the mobile market. IDC statistics that show Android leads the mobile market with nearly 80%, iOS has 13.2%, Windows Phone 3.7%, and BlackBerry 2.9%. Gartner analyst Bill Menezes states that even new ownership is "not going to address how the company restores itself."

One key asset BlackBerry owns is QNX, the real-time based OS it bought in 2010. QNX is microkernel based, versus the monolithic kernel used by many OS's like Linux. BlackBerry bases its tablet and phone OS's on QNX, which also remains a popular commercial OS for embedded systems.
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The phones are good
by reduz on Thu 29th Aug 2013 12:19 UTC
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BB10 is much better and more mature than WP8, and more pleasant to use. It is probably too early for it, as only the high end devices were released. It also has more developer support than Windows Phone given it's easier to port apps from the other OSs.

I don't think there is much hope of anything going to change though, and the best route they could take at this point is to allow other companies to license the OS, which I don't think is gonna happen.

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RE: The phones are good
by benmhall on Thu 29th Aug 2013 12:44 in reply to "The phones are good"
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I agree. BB10 is the nicest smartphone OS I've used. The on-screen keyboard is fantastic. Honestly, I'm not sure what else BlackBerry could have done. They released a great product as soon as it was ready. Unfortunately, it wasn't enough to even get people to try it out.

I remain convinced that if people just used it for a day or two, they'd jump in droves. I've had the Z10 since February. It's just fantastic.

*sigh* however, how often does the best product win?

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RE[2]: The phones are good
by mistersoft on Thu 29th Aug 2013 13:34 in reply to "RE: The phones are good"
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I like the BB10 software too.

I also think the HTC One X and HTC One hardware is really great.

Does anyone else think these two would make a good match... both are ailing in terms of sales and could do with some better differentiation - HTC on the software side, Blackberry on the Hardware side (arguably).


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RE: The phones are good
by bnolsen on Thu 29th Aug 2013 12:47 in reply to "The phones are good"
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I'm starting to think RIM needs to switch from tradition sales through att, verizon, etc and try selling through the internet via the deals sites, etc. Try to drum up grass roots support, something different.

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RE[2]: The phones are good
by bassbeast on Thu 29th Aug 2013 21:08 in reply to "RE: The phones are good"
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But what is the angle? What is the selling point? Pretend you work in a phone shop and I come in, my Android is getting a little long in the tooth and I'm looking for something new...sell it to me. What does Blackberry give me, the non enterprise consumer, that Android and iOS does not?

Because from what I have read pretty much all the killer features of Blackberry require a backend that Joe and Sally simply won't have or are features they won't care about. Remember that thanks to familiarity and inertia its hard to get people to give up something they already know how to use so it can't just be a little better or close enough, it has to have some features that will really make me reach for my wallet but so far I haven't heard of any.

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RE: The phones are good
by Nelson on Thu 29th Aug 2013 13:55 in reply to "The phones are good"
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Did you miss the article on OSNews where 47 thousand apps were submitted by one developer? The BB10 marketplace is a sham, and developers are not flocking to it by any means. I challenge you to prove otherwise.

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RE[2]: The phones are good
by CavemanGR on Thu 29th Aug 2013 14:08 in reply to "RE: The phones are good"
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You miss the point. You should focus on the QUALITY and not on the quantity. The user does not care if the software is submitted by a single or by one hundred companies. The user demands a solution for his problem. Give him the solution and take his money. Simple as that. Quality apps are rare in ios and android markets too.

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RE[2]: The phones are good
by reduz on Fri 30th Aug 2013 18:38 in reply to "RE: The phones are good"
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Crapware is everywhere. What I mean is, BlackBerry still needs time.

BB10 has been out for a little time and only the expensive high end devices were release. Nokia already has the 920 and 620 while the Q5 and Z5 aren't even out.

Remember how much it took for Microsoft/Nokia to go from horrible sales to almost decent.

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