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The new Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus 3D viewing. And the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible.

Curiously enough, the 2DS actually has only one screen - it's divided in two by the casing. The entire screen is touch-capable, but the top screen is covered by plastic so you can't touch it there. Like the Wii U's controller, this thing just looks weird and unwieldily, and while the price is nice, I doubt it will turn Nintendo's fortunes around.

Imagine a phone and/or tablet designed and built by Nintendo, with a proper integrated gamepad, capable of output to external displays, with access to Nintendo's entire back catalog of games - from the NES, through the Game Boy, SNES, Nintendo64, GameCube, DS, and Wii (if compatible with non-motion controls). Of course, new games can be published as well.

Nintendo should not be making yet another device to carry aside from your phone. They should be making a phone.

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Nope, The N64 controller is, like the original Xbox and the Dreamcast controller among the wost controllers ever designed.

The only modern controller I could ever have an 8 hour gaming session on without my hands cramping up.

Best controllers Sony's, Genesis and SNES. Best handheld gaming design? Original GBA.

So it sounds like you are twitchy and impulsive, I've got nerve damage in my right hand and I have no trouble detecting how hard I'm pressing the button.

I've also never had that problem with racing games, and I played Gran Tourismo 3/4 religiously.

Your Nintendo fanboi is showing. Apologizing for their bad controller design won't get them yo give you a discount. I've posted elsewhere about my love for other Nintendo consoles, but I'm not gonna come to your side because you are butthurt abut Sony going their own way instead of making the Playstation an addon for the SNES.

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The only modern controller I could ever have an 8 hour gaming session on without my hands cramping up.


So it sounds like you are twitchy and impulsive, I've got nerve damage in my right hand and I have no trouble detecting how hard I'm pressing the button.

It sounds like you have something else wrong with your hands if you if you can't even pull off an measly eight-hour gaming session. Hell, I can and have pulled allnighters that have extended every day of the week on practically any given system, all it takes is a game that is worthy of it. Super NES, Genesis, Saturn, N64, Dreamcast, Xbox, Xbox 360--yes, even the PlayStation family. Sony's controllers just happen to be the least tolerable for the long term, so certain games I never bothered with, and those long gaming sessions usually tend to be less comfortable and much less enjoyable than they could be.

But really, who cares? All this will degenerate into is a flamewar, which you have already started with the immature terms (if you can even call it that--they're not in any dictionary I've ever seen) "fanboi" and "butthurt." I will just say that not everyone is you, and not everyone needs "gorilla hands" to hold an N64 controller. That's it; I'm just saying that your claim is outrageous and bullshit. Lumping it up there with the truly worst controllers of all time is truly dumb. Quit trying to pass off bullshit (gorilla hands, original Xbox controller references) as facts.

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Fact: You have an axe to grind with me because you have some strange love affair with the N64, as showcased by you screen name alone.

Fact: Microsoft stopped making the original Xbox controller and released a smaller version because most people did not like the massively over sized controller they launched with.

I've already rattled off my console history elsewhere in this forum so I won't do it again, but there is absolutely no apologizing for the N64's terrible controller, especially when they had a winning design with the SNES controller, one they used to make a retrofit version of the NES controller, well they did the whole console, but didn't like the top loading NES as much as the old unreliable.

And yeah, a butthurt fanboi is how you've been acting just because you can't accept that someone else thinks that the N64 controller was a bad design.

Think about it, why is it nobody tried to clone it outside of knockoff controllers for the N64 when there are TONS of clones of Sony's controllers and I even remember seeing adapters to use the Dualshock2 with the Xbox.

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Nope, [...] and the Dreamcast controller among the wo[r]st controllers ever designed.

um... no. The Dreamcast controller is not the worst controller, nor even among them. I absolutely love it and would use it over the pokey Sony controllers all day long (and I do...)

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