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The new Nintendo 2DS system gives you all the features of the Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo 3DS XL, minus 3D viewing. And the price makes the world of Nintendo games even more accessible.

Curiously enough, the 2DS actually has only one screen - it's divided in two by the casing. The entire screen is touch-capable, but the top screen is covered by plastic so you can't touch it there. Like the Wii U's controller, this thing just looks weird and unwieldily, and while the price is nice, I doubt it will turn Nintendo's fortunes around.

Imagine a phone and/or tablet designed and built by Nintendo, with a proper integrated gamepad, capable of output to external displays, with access to Nintendo's entire back catalog of games - from the NES, through the Game Boy, SNES, Nintendo64, GameCube, DS, and Wii (if compatible with non-motion controls). Of course, new games can be published as well.

Nintendo should not be making yet another device to carry aside from your phone. They should be making a phone.

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RE[6]: No...
by bassbeast on Sat 31st Aug 2013 10:17 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: No..."
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Dude listen to your old pal, the new kits? IT COMES WITH PICTURES. No crap, you don't even have to be able to read to put the things together. If you are wanting an ULV system you can get the Bobcat ones already installed in a box for less than $200, all you do then is slap in a stick and a drive and you're off to the races.

And have you thought about asking the local mom & pop shops if they'll put together a kit for you? One of my most popular services, for a flat $75 you hand me the kit and the OS disc and the next day you pick up your new system, no muss and no fuss. I bet there is a shop nearby that will be happy to slap one together for you.

Finally is there a college nearby? If the mom & pop shops won't give you a good deal put an ad up at the local college and see how quick you get a student to do the job for you, heck you could probably get it done cheaper than $75 that way but a lot of shops like mine do the little extras like adding the patches, codecs, and AV. But you go over to any college and a large chunk of them will be DIYers simply because they can get a nicer system for cheaper that way and college kids are always looking to make a little extra cash.

As you can see you DO have options and when you have that HTPC in your hands trust me you will NEVER go back to a console. The amount of roles that can be done by an HTPC is leagues ahead of ANY console, streaming, media tank, jukebox,gaming, surf, chat, DVR, the list goes on and on and on.

Oh and as an added bonus? You can ALWAYS find a use for a PC, even long after its passed cutting edge, unlike the consoles that are pretty much relegated to playing that console's games when its EOLed. It can be a media server, kitchen computer, web box, heck load it full of emulators and ROMs along with a couple of USB universal console controller adapters and you have the ultimate retro machine, and even a 7 year old P4 can do that job VERY well.

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RE[7]: No...
by WorknMan on Sat 31st Aug 2013 18:58 in reply to "RE[6]: No..."
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If you are wanting an ULV system you can get the Bobcat ones already installed in a box for less than $200, all you do then is slap in a stick and a drive and you're off to the races.

Where can I get one of these? I don't really need one for gaming, cept for emulators. If it's fast enough to play the arcade version of Killer Instinct and blu-rays, I'm good ;)

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RE[8]: No...
by bassbeast on Mon 2nd Sep 2013 08:41 in reply to "RE[7]: No..."
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Don't know where you live so I can't say for sure in your area, but here its Tigerdirect,Newegg, and Amazon that have 'em, just look up "E350 kit" and there ya go. Never tried a Blu-ray on one, those are encoded with H.264, yes? If that is the case i have no trouble playing 1080P H.264 on my E350 thanks to DXVA offloading a good chunk of the processing to the GPU, which is a Radeon HD6310 in case you are wondering.

But as far as emulators go it plays those just fine, also plays older PC games pretty well, there are even videos of guys playing games like Crysis on a Bobcat but you have to lower the heck out of the graphics. BTW 2 bits of advice,

1.- if you get one get the fastest memory it will take as it does make a BIG difference when it comes to APUs and of course the more memory the better. With mine I saw my performance go up a good 35% just by going from 1066 to 1333 and from 2GB to 8GB, which yes many of them CAN take up to 8GB of memory!

2.- If you get one for an HTPC make sure you get one with a PCI-E slot as there are some that only have a PCI slot (or in the case of the micro-mini like the Foxconn that is the size of a router none at all) which will really limit your choices down the road. one of the nice things about the Bobcat chips is they support what is called "hybrid Crossfire" where you pair a cheap PCI-E chip like one of those $20 HD 5450 cards and it will split the processing duties, this will give you the ability to give the unit a nice speedboost down the line for cheap.

Anyway just Google "AMD E350 kit" and I'm sure you'll find plenty to choose from and they really do make good HTPCs as long as you know the limitations, for example you want be recording HD video using a Bobcat. But for a media center/media tank HTPC that will do casual gaming? They are cheap, only use 18w under load, low enough power that there are several units that come passively cooled, all in all a pretty sweet unit to build an HTPC or office box out of. Hell I've even made a few low power file servers out of them, its pretty sweet to have this little unit that can be set on a shelf in a closet yet still be a good file and mail server while using less power at full load than a P4 did at idle.

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