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QNX According to a Computerworld article, BlackBerry is exploring putting itself up for sale, as the company falls into 4th place in the mobile market. IDC statistics that show Android leads the mobile market with nearly 80%, iOS has 13.2%, Windows Phone 3.7%, and BlackBerry 2.9%. Gartner analyst Bill Menezes states that even new ownership is "not going to address how the company restores itself."

One key asset BlackBerry owns is QNX, the real-time based OS it bought in 2010. QNX is microkernel based, versus the monolithic kernel used by many OS's like Linux. BlackBerry bases its tablet and phone OS's on QNX, which also remains a popular commercial OS for embedded systems.
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What I essentially meant was that with the critical decisions ahead of them, BlackBerry cannot and shouldn`t revisit their past decisions like "What if we had made a deal with Microsoft?".

Yes, BlackBerry is in a though spot:

If they let the QNX platform go, then they become just another handset manufacturer with a choice of either Android or Windows Phone for their OS. They can look at the Nokia-Microsoft deal as it progressed to get a feeling of where this might led them.

A move to Android/Windows Phone for their OS could imply letting BBM go as well. Google and Microsoft would likely be glad to get rid of a competitor in the messaging arena.

They could also let their handset design/manufacturing umbrella go. This would mean moving into fully open-sourcing QNX/BB10 or forming alliances with other manufacturers.

One issue with QNX is brand awareness by the common user. Maybe they should request the car manufacturers, the medical equipment manufacturers, etc. to display a "Powered by QNX" type message at boot-up. They could also refresh their QNX DemoCD and released it into the wild 0- although there is little hope that QNX will ever become a force in the desktop arena.

Or, they could do none of the above and surprise all of us.

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