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Microsoft paid billions for a license to Nokia's patents, but the company has made explicit that Nokia still owns the patents. The genius of this move is that it allows Microsoft to double down on its patent war with Android. Microsoft boasts that the majority of Android phones sold worldwide have already paid for a license to Microsoft patents. By 2011, patent licensing revenue exceeded Microsoft's revenue from Windows Phone.

Now, Nokia can go after Android phone makers for royalties - even ones that have already paid Microsoft.

When pressed on the issue today, a Nokia spokesman confirmed that more patent licensing is indeed part of the plan.

So, without products, Nokia will become a true patent troll. Good to know.

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Ultimate irony
by avgalen on Wed 4th Sep 2013 15:16 UTC
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Technically there is nothing that would stop the new Nokia from making an Android based phone. If that means they would have to pay Microsoft for their patents wouldn't that look silly?

(of course all of this is extremely unlikely to actually happen)

Also Thom, really, is this article not pure clickbait? Nokia is one of few companies that really has great phone/mobile patents on really important things. If somebody would be using their patents without a license Nokia would have every right to go after a licensing deal. None of that would even begin to qualify as a patent troll

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RE: Ultimate irony
by Nelson on Wed 4th Sep 2013 15:37 in reply to "Ultimate irony"
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According to the agreement of the sell off, they can't make Nokia branded smartphones until 2016.

Even then it wouldn't make sense, as they just sold 36,000 employees to Microsoft. They'd be essentially starting from scratch.

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RE[2]: Ultimate irony
by Bill Shooter of Bul on Wed 4th Sep 2013 16:56 in reply to "RE: Ultimate irony"
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What if they just re-licensed the Nokia brand to a Chinese company, like Xiaomi? It would help the acceptance of the brand outside of China, and have great software behind it.

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RE[2]: Ultimate irony
by jgfenix on Wed 4th Sep 2013 17:07 in reply to "RE: Ultimate irony"
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The could buy Jolla.

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RE[2]: Ultimate irony
by bnolsen on Wed 4th Sep 2013 18:31 in reply to "RE: Ultimate irony"
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Starting from scratch is where nokia needs to be then. The nokia brand is still decent, they could rely on chinese manufacturing to design and build their phones, put on non junked up vanilla android, keep updates going and become a player again very quickly.

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RE[2]: Ultimate irony
by r_a_trip on Thu 5th Sep 2013 10:22 in reply to "RE: Ultimate irony"
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Well, shedding 36,000 expensive employees gives Nokia the option to start again with a much smaller division and a lot of the old obligations in the Nokia D&S are probably Microsoft's "problem" now.

As for the branding, if it only pertains to the name Nokia, I have a suggestion for a new brand; aIkon!. Should be different enough from Nokia and as a bonus it doesn't carry the connotations of the Symbian legacy.

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