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Apple Apple's event is going on right now - and most of the new stuff already leaked weeks and months ahead of time. So, we're getting an iPhone 5S, an iPhone 5C, and iOS7 will be available later this month. I like the design of the 5C more than of the 5S; it's more playful, colourful - harking back to the coloured iMacs and PowerMac G3s. Too bad it doesn't come in red.

The fingerprint sensor in the 5S is interesting, but I wonder how accurate it will be in the real world; on top of that, with all the NSA news, I'm not particularly keen on Apple reading my fingerprint all the time. Supposedly, applications don't have access to it and it's not stored in the cloud, but I have little to no trust for companies.

The biggest news for me is the fact that the iPhone 5S has a new chip - the A7 - which has the honour of being the first 64bit chip inside a smartphone. iOS7 and first party Apple applications are all 64bit, and Xcode obviously supports it. While this obviously future-proofs the platform for more RAM, I wonder what other motives are involved here. ARM desktops and laptops, perhaps?

I doubt 64bit will provide much benefit today, but you have to hand it to Apple: at least they're done with the transition before it's even needed.

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RE: Who cares, really!?
by ezraz on Wed 11th Sep 2013 12:40 UTC in reply to "Who cares, really!?"
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It's made better.
It's made better.
It's made better.

Reliability is underrated. Not just the shell -- the buttons, the screen, the ports, the whole thing. Higher quality craftsmanship. Is this something you ignore in other products?

I also find iOS on the iPhones much easier to use with my thumb. I usually operate my phone 1-handed and keep it in my pants pocket (no I don't operate it in my pants pocket!). The size, shape, and design of the iPhone is highly refined.

My household has probably owned 5-6 iPhones since 2007. Total hardware failures not related to the headphone jack wearing out after living in pockets: zero. Number of times I've lost data: zero. Number of times I've had to re-install or re-enter contact & cal data: zero.

You are really delusional if you believe that the only reason to buy Apple is delusion. What is more important than quality, reliability, and support with something as mission critical as a smart phone?

Not trolling -- what is more important than that?

Non-iPhone users call it "upgrading" every 6 months when it's really "getting something that appears better than what I had". Yet iPhones bought with real money keep running day after day, year after year, with happy users.

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RE[2]: Who cares, really!?
by leos on Wed 11th Sep 2013 14:20 in reply to "RE: Who cares, really!?"
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Yep. Got this iPhone 4 when it came out in summer of 2010 so it's now over 3 years old. It's been everywhere and dropped dozens of times, and exposed to significant moisture and heat and it works fine. Running the latest iOS7 to boot so it's still being upgraded with new features and security updates, etc. It's getting the the point now where I want something faster, but otherwise, no complaints.

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