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Michael Dell has the won the battle for control of the computer company that he created, after shareholders backed his $24.8bn offer to take Dell private and revive the struggling business away from the incessant pressure of Wall Street.

The vote clears the way for the huge buyout, in which Dell is working with private equity partners Silver Lake after seeing off a challenge from activist investor Carl Icahn.

Must have been hard for him to see his baby slide into irrelevance. I hope for him he can turn things around, but I'm not sure if they'll be able to - they missed the boat, and it's probably in Fiji by now.

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RE: My experience
by aliquis on Fri 13th Sep 2013 09:41 UTC in reply to "My experience"
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My only experience with Dell (Italy) is buying a 23" monitor.
It is not bad, but I got it completely "bare". Not a CD with a driver, not a manual...
I tried to get in touch with them, but they couldn't care less. Awful customer care to say the least.
Dell got awesome costumer service and I think very few if any would disagree.

A monitor doesn't need drivers, just hook the correct cable and you're good to go. Sure I can see how they could had made a small pamplet for some on-screen menu but most of us manage such things without any instructions and if you don't do so what are you doing in there anyway? The defaults is likely good enough for you anyway..

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RE[2]: My experience
by Alfman on Fri 13th Sep 2013 19:08 in reply to "RE: My experience"
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"Dell got awesome costumer service and I think very few if any would disagree."

I've had horrible customer service from them in the past. I was actually trying to order stuff from their website in moderate quantities (16 or so hard drives for an array), but their website refused to process it saying that bulk orders had to be done through customer service. Ok, so I call their sales numbers and apparently nobody from the consumer side could take bulk orders and I didn't technically have a business at the time to open a business account. Someone eventually told me that I'd be assigned a sales rep. I was quoted a price higher than on the website, I explained this and they repriced the product accordingly and took my order and CC #. However ~10 days later I still didn't get any shipments so I called back and nobody was able to find my information in the system (even though I was given a sales number). Comically, my sales rep had gone on vacation for two weeks and forgot to register the order as completed so it never actually went anywhere. It was roughly a month between the time I placed the order and the time I actually received it from dell.

Maybe it was odd circumstances, but the way they handled it was poor. A sales manager should have stepped in and said "ok I'll take care of it" instead of playing pass the baton with me. In retrospect I should have stuck with newegg, if not from the get-go, then from the moment dell's website refused to take my order.

Incidentally, the Dell equipment I've used is actually quite good, I've been buying some of it used off ebay because their server stuff is really built to last even if it's been used.

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RE[3]: My experience
by BushLin on Sat 14th Sep 2013 10:44 in reply to "RE[2]: My experience"
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In the UK this is Dell in a nutshell, except you didn't mention the excellent warranty service.

They don't have enough account managers / sales people, pricing seems almost random and their online configurators have nonsensical rules applied.

Businesses still go through this dance because of the quality of products and the support which comes with it but you really need to be aware of this to push through the barrier of buying the sodding stuff.

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