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Windows PC Magazine reports that bookies at the Ladbrokes betting service give 1:4 odds that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop will be the next Microsoft CEO. Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg comes in second place with 7:1 odds against, while Steven Sinofsky, previously head of the Windows division, comes in third at 12:1 odds against.

Without intending any disrespect, I can't imagine a worse choice for the next CEO than Mr. Elop. His blind fealty to Windows at Nokia cost the stock an 85% drop on his watch. Microsoft needs new directions and new ideas, not another Windows loyalist.
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Honest question
by benytocamela on Mon 16th Sep 2013 20:23 UTC
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Who cares and why should anyone not affiliated with either company do so?

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RE: Honest question
by benali72 on Mon 16th Sep 2013 20:30 in reply to "Honest question"
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I think we care because the CEO decision will have a big impact on one of the biggest OS and software providers in the world.

His/her decisions will help determine --

* Whether we have a 3rd big software ecosystem for phones and what our choices for phones are
* Whether we suffer a continuing monopoly of OS/Office on the laptop/desktop
* How much we pay for tablets, based on how competitive Microsoft turns out to be in the space.

If you buy software or handhelds, decisions made by Microsoft's next CEO might well determine what your choices are and how much you pay.

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RE: Honest question
by orestes on Tue 17th Sep 2013 09:11 in reply to "Honest question"
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If MS goes to hell who precisely do you think fills the role of OEM OS of choice? Do we completely fail to comprehend the complexities of the Linux ecosystem and say this is finally the year everything up to now gets retconned and a shiny new Linux overlord emerges? Do we trust Google and the cloud idiots? Or worse do the convergence whores convince us that the PC is dead and a leatherman really is a better choice than a box of single purpose tools? Or maybe Apple decides to piss on Steve's corpse and license OS X after all?

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RE[2]: Honest question
by benytocamela on Tue 17th Sep 2013 17:03 in reply to "RE: Honest question"
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MS is so big and has so much cash, that the chances of the company "going to hell" are pretty slim. Specially since they still own the majority of the PC desktop.

Plus a company is not led just by the CEO, there is the board, all the management levels, etc. I think we know the names of some tech CEOs just because geeks like drama and create these weird cults of personality around people they have no connection with whatsoever.

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