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With Intel's new Haswell chip, manufacturers can choose to either build slimmer notebooks or try to optimize battery life as much as possible. Dell has clearly shown its dedication to the latter with the new Inspiron 11 3000 series. Budget notebooks don't always have big batteries, but Dell claims the $379 Haswell version of the Inspiron 11 lasts up to eight hours and 20 minutes on a single charge.

Something I've been pondering for a while: if we can have high-quality tablets and smartphones at low prices, why can't we have high-quality laptops at said prices too? Cheap laptops are almost always crap, but this Inspiron 11 actually looks like it could reverse the trend. Since I don't really need an expensive laptop anymore, a cheap but still relatively high quality 11" laptop is right up my alley. Is anyone aware of any alternatives?

Also, when did Dell find the design stick?

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RE[4]: Is it OSsified?
by hamster on Wed 18th Sep 2013 12:26 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Is it OSsified?"
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I dont care for a "start menu" in full screen. Thats for me atleast would be a design error...

I am running win8 in a lab atm to test some vpn clients. I wanted to reinstall a client but it would not let me do so without admin rights. It just so happens that i only have one account with full rights on this machine. And even with those credentials i was not allowed ot uninstall the client. I had to find another way to do it. I never seen that in win7...

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RE[5]: Is it OSsified?
by woegjiub on Wed 18th Sep 2013 13:02 in reply to "RE[4]: Is it OSsified?"
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personal preference != design error

There are merits to both, it's simply a different method. I find it better, but then I run everything fullscreened or tiled.

The software removal issue is odd, though. I'm very curious as to the cause.

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RE[6]: Is it OSsified?
by hamster on Wed 18th Sep 2013 14:17 in reply to "RE[5]: Is it OSsified?"
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Another fuckup from ms would be opening af pdf in desktop ie wupti you are in metro land. If thats not bad design i don't know what it is.

I do know that my opinion does not make it a design error. Thats why i wrote its a design error in my world. I have yet to find just one thing i think is good in win8. Sofar i have found a number of fuckups but no 'ah nice' moments.

I for one find the idea of 2 desktop enviroments idiotic. And it doesnt help that worst of them is being used as a full screen start menu in the one that can be used for real work...

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