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Starting today we’re making Quickoffice for Android and iOS available for free, for everyone. With Quickoffice, you can edit Microsoft Office documents across your devices, giving you the freedom to work with anyone no matter what hardware or software they’re using. Plus, it’s integrated with Google Drive storage so you can safely access your files from anywhere.

And unlike Microsoft Office, it's completely free. Good move by Google.

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I'd like to interject for a moment...
by tidux on Thu 19th Sep 2013 22:40 UTC
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I'd say that proprietary software that requires you to link a Google account to edit local documents is the very antithesis of Free.

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Are you paying any money for it?
Otherwise nothing in this world is free. Even charity provides moral benefit to the benefactor.

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Yeah, English has warts. ;)

It's free because you don't pay for it. But it's not free because it doesn't respect your freedom to use your computer in whatever way you would like.

English should really adopt "libre" as the word for the latter concept, and leave "free" for "no-cost".

We also really need some good gender-neutral pronouns while we're at it...

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