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Speaking at Microsoft's financial analysts meeting today, CEO Steve Ballmer was refreshingly realistic about the company's struggles in smartphones and tablets. "Mobile devices. We have almost no share."

Right. Now that Ballmer himself admits it, can we please settle the discussion? Windows Phone has been a failure up until now.

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This and the Blackberry on the same day...
by reduz on Sat 21st Sep 2013 03:45 UTC
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It's pure sadness, as I´m pretty sure that this will be discouraging for other entrepreneurs like Jolla.

I guess the landscape at this point is pretty much set in stone for the coming decade. I don't think there is a way for Android and Apple to lose their market share, as they both played their moves brilliantly.

I hope that at least they keep fighting each other in the innovation area instead of resting on their laurels.

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It's pure sadness, as I´m pretty sure that this will be discouraging for other entrepreneurs like Jolla.

IMO it is not discouraging. But they need to release an OS that is good.

WP8 is awful.

RIM/Blackerry dragged their feet for too long. They knew they had to come out with a new OS for a long long time and it took way way too long. On top of it the phones they released were always so far behind specs wise and just not very good.

Nokia had an OS they could have used and had full control over but abandoned it for an OS they had no control over and were burned as was completely expected. Then they complained about having no control over the OS. Idiots.

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Good is not enough.

It has to make developers want to spend resources targeting them, while allowing them to be paid for the said investment.

Otherwise you won't get any apps, besides Android ports.

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IMO it is not discouraging. But they need to release an OS that is good.

And they need to make it easy for both developers and users to get into the ecosystem. The os is the lesser half of the picture, the apps are what will make or break a new platform.

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You might want to read up on the behind the scenes at MeeGo, it wasn't the rosy picture that FOSS lovers paint it, in fact they were being sabotaged on not one but TWO front as they had the Symbian team backstabbing and headhunting their best talent for fear they would steal their thunder and Intel stabbing them in the back for fear that the ARM version would steal the spotlight away from X86. For your education...

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WP8 is awful.

What makes it awful and have you actually used it for at least a week?

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And just why would this be discouraging for folks like Jolla. I would be discouraging if, like Microsoft, they decided to design by committee, play follow the leader, and not actually innovate except at very shallow levels. If that is the case, the Microsoft statement (and general malaise) would be discouraging.

However, my guess that is NOT Jolla (and others') business plan.

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Jolla seem to understand the difficulty of being completely new. They're trying to tackle the problem by this Android compatibility, with which they've worked for a long time now.

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