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There has been a lot of maturing technologies in FreeBSD 10, with many new features which make this release, I think, the most exciting one in years. A lot of development has gone into virtualisation support. Virtualisation with FreeBSD Jails has been available for a long time, but not so much "full virtualisation".

Let's have a look at the some of the most talked about, most requested and most interesting features that have found their way into or are planned for 10.0, but may not make the deadline.

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USB Audio 2.0 question
by gan17 on Sat 21st Sep 2013 15:36 UTC
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Hardware Support

USB Audio 2.0 – USB Audio support has been revamped, supporting new devices, higher bandwidth support and increased sampling frequency (may not make it in final release)

Perhaps someone running CURRENT can chime in on this. How well does it work? Also, what sound system/modules does FreeBSD use as default these days? OSS?

Excuse the noobish question, but I'm mostly an OpenBSD user on teh BSD side, and it's been some years since I last used FreeBSD or any of it's variants. Reason I'm asking is because I've been unsuccessful getting audio piped out to my DAC (which works fine with ALSA/Linux) with any of the BSDs.

On a side note, incoming Thunderbolt support should be nice for those Mac owners that run virtualized FreeBSD sessions in OS X, though I still wonder if thunderbolt has a place outside the pro graphic/audio market, considering the prices. I've not met any "normal user" that has even considered buying a thunderbolt device of any sort.

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RE: USB Audio 2.0 question
by J-freebsd_98 on Sat 21st Sep 2013 16:33 in reply to "USB Audio 2.0 question"
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Sorry to reply only to part, .. I found that v9 installed SND drivers as part of the GENERIC kernel (maybe not the case in v8, for example). As I recompiled without them, I tested and used OSS drivers (audio/oss) before reverting to the default command-loadable ones, and posted HowTo in the FreeBSD forums for the non-default (more commands to implement the sound, but maybe/maybe not more advantageous than the default sound drivers. [ both should not be loaded concurrently]. I am sure a search of the forum will mention USB audio in v9, and it should not change much to v10 unless it is in the wiki under the new release or what's new pages ...

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