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There has been a lot of maturing technologies in FreeBSD 10, with many new features which make this release, I think, the most exciting one in years. A lot of development has gone into virtualisation support. Virtualisation with FreeBSD Jails has been available for a long time, but not so much "full virtualisation".

Let's have a look at the some of the most talked about, most requested and most interesting features that have found their way into or are planned for 10.0, but may not make the deadline.

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RE[2]: Lots of smaller features
by pfgbsd on Mon 23rd Sep 2013 18:10 UTC in reply to "RE: Lots of smaller features"
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"read-only support fot ext4 extents

Ext4 write support is already possible with sysutils/fusefs-ex4fuse port using FUSE.

If you mean ext4fuse, it is read-only.

The FreeBSD kernel driver has received many improvements for this release and should be much faster than the fuse version.

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