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Speaking at Microsoft's financial analysts meeting today, CEO Steve Ballmer was refreshingly realistic about the company's struggles in smartphones and tablets. "Mobile devices. We have almost no share."

Right. Now that Ballmer himself admits it, can we please settle the discussion? Windows Phone has been a failure up until now.

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RE[4]: Doesn't matter
by allanregistos on Tue 24th Sep 2013 04:03 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Doesn't matter"
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Facts are facts, opinions are opinions. The facts say: WP WW market is growing.
Any opinion based on or suggesting WP is declining market NOW and heading to its death is in principle a worthless opinion because it ignores the facts.

WW= Worldwide?
In my country, I've only seen one Windows phone being used. All were using old Nokia brands(now minority) the majority were using Android devices mostly made from Samsung, HTC, LG etc. I've asked a friend how Lumia penetrated our local market, and its negative, so from where I was standing, Nokia Win Phone is not declining, its a failure.

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RE[5]: Doesn't matter
by double_s on Tue 24th Sep 2013 12:55 in reply to "RE[4]: Doesn't matter"
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I could agree to your comment if we are evaluating WP IN YOUR COUNTRY, but most statements say "failure" with any clarification of region/country.

This said, it seems like many are naïf thinking that a player can come with his products into a mature markets and just get a 20 or 30% share just because of their pretty face. Be it cars, furniture, cooking tools, clothing, or food, when you sell similar products to your competitors you are happy to get 5% of the market.

The story behind the iPhone is kind of different as it evolved a market and yes it magically became the main player. Good for them. It took Nokia ages to get a similar market share because Nokia phones being good where not that revolutionary from all other phones.

Should I be considering the 5-10% market share of Apple computers an utterly failure? Apple fan boys can be talking for hours about the Airbook, but honestly in WW sold units ... it sells like a Nokia Lumia or worse. You won't hear me saying the Airbook is a failure. Perpective.

Now any company, be it Microsoft, Jolla, Jaguar, Rebook, Logitech or whoever, expected to come with a similar product and all of the sudden get a 30% market share? Why should it?
You may get those numbers when you really have something new everyone wants. And WP is not the shock the iPhone was 6 years ago, or Nintendo Wii at the time. So selling 3%, 5% or 15% is not that bad figure if people get perspective of things.
And Audi R8 sells less than that. Also a failure? Toyota Prius … great product …. Do they have a 30% market share? Is Toyota a failure? Perspective.

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