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Finland is boiling with rage this weekend over the $25 M bonus payment the CEO Stephen Elop is set to receive as he leaves Nokia after his two-year tenure. Questions are now being raised by the oddest aspect of the bonus: the board of Nokia seems to have given Elop a $25 M incentive to sell the handset unit cheaply to Microsoft way back in in 2010. This effectively means that the board hired a man who was given a giant carrot to drive down Nokia's overall valuation and phone volumes while preparing a sale to Microsoft. What could possibly be a reason to structure Elop's original contract in this manner? Did the board in fact end up promising Elop more compensation in case he sells the phone division than if he runs it with modest success?

Vindication. We were right all along.

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RE[4]: Comment by Nelson
by M.Onty on Tue 24th Sep 2013 18:14 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Comment by Nelson"
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People who have no skin in the game pretending they understand what's going on. Nokia even being alive today is proof of how completely clueless some of the commenters here are.

I've predicted volume increases, they've happened. I said they'd live, they did. I said there'd be no profit warning and no channel stuffing, there wasn't. I said the drop in Q2 2012 was a blip, it was. Its like you lose for being right here.

I'm not sure how a company that used to be near or at the top of its field surviving just three years is proof of good strategy. Even Blackberry has taken longer to collapse than that.

But regardless, as has been pointed out above, the "people who have no skin in the game" on this site are those who're interested in these companies being successful enough that they do interesting things with mobile operating systems, not that they survive by ceasing to do anything with mobile operating systems. So you're probably looking in the wrong place for appreciation of the minutiae of your financial predictions.


There doesn't seem to be any pretence any more that these stories & subsequent comment threads are anything other than a fiery debate between Thom & his like-minded posse, & yourself, Nelson.

Given that, I would be interested to read your reply to the most apparently damning comment thus far from the former camp:

Seems conclusive to me (as you can probably tell). But then, I only hang around the OS scene for the occasional Riscos & Haiku story, so I'm prepared to be otherwise educated.

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RE[5]: Comment by Nelson
by Nelson on Tue 24th Sep 2013 19:30 in reply to "RE[4]: Comment by Nelson"
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I've addressed Tomi's garbage many, many times in the past. Its just time consuming to dig up the sources to counter that wall of text everytime its copy and pasted here. And people don't generally seem to care about the facts of the matter, so it isn't worth my time.

If you are personally interested though, there is a website which debunks many of his claims(go figure a guy so wildly misleading and inaccurate that he has a website dedicated to disproving his nonsense)

Read just a few of them, they're really well written by a Nokia insider.

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RE[6]: Comment by Nelson
by M.Onty on Wed 25th Sep 2013 09:54 in reply to "RE[5]: Comment by Nelson"
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