Linked by Eugenia Loli on Mon 7th Nov 2005 08:36 UTC
Zeta YellowTAB posted a news item outlining the general direction and features to come in the future in their Zeta operating system: Bluetooth and better ACPI support, move to GCC 4.x, SATA support, changes to the Media Kit and media player, multi-user support and more.
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RE: This is great!
by Mage66 on Mon 7th Nov 2005 15:03 UTC in reply to "This is great!"
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The main thing holding ME back from using it, is the WAY TOO HIGH price.

I paid less than half of what Zeta wants for BeOS 5.0.

And it still works fine on my Faux BeBox.

I'd invest $50 in Zeta to play with it.

But, over $110.00 is just too much.

I paid $89 for Windows XP Home, and $69.00 for MacOS X Tiger..

Why would I want to pay more for an unfinished OS?

YT can get more cash from QUANTITY sold, instead of trying to wring the last drop of blood from every user.

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RE[2]: This is great!
by smashIt on Mon 7th Nov 2005 20:14 in reply to "RE: This is great!"
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the problem is not the price, it's that you live on the wrong side of the globe ;)

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RE[2]: This is great!
by rabyte on Tue 8th Nov 2005 15:20 in reply to "RE: This is great!"
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Considering the initial(!) price of WinXP, 99/110$ is a bargain.

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