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I really thought the days of region-locking were dying with the DVD, but it seems I was wrong - Samsung has decided to revive the odious practice with its Galaxy Note 3 smartphone.

Yes, if you buy an unlocked Note 3 in Europe and travel to, say, the U.S., you will not be able to use a local SIM card. In other words, you will be forced to buy your carrier's outrageous roaming fees or go Wi-Fi-only.

The worst part is that this is not a joke.

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RE: Comment by _cynic_
by FunkyELF on Thu 26th Sep 2013 21:05 UTC in reply to "Comment by _cynic_"
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Two theories:
-Samsung is doing it for the carriers
-The price gap between regions will be to big

As a Note user, I say: "F**k you, Samsung"

I didn't think of being able to charge different prices.
That is probably the whole reason right there... that and doing rollouts at different times.
I don't think they'd do this to collect roaming fees.

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