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Still, the Nokia N9 and its MeeGo Harmattan software platform remain unmatched in various aspects of user interface and user experience. Even though MeeGo Harmattan has essentially remained stagnant and frozen in time for 2 whole years, it still represents a benchmark in some ways for what a smartphone user interface should be.

Virtually every N9 owner I've ever talked to loves the N9 unconditionally. It could have been the Eve of Nokia's resurrection. Instead, it became the symbol of its demise.

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Just got mine
by Torbjorn Vik Lunde on Sat 28th Sep 2013 07:27 UTC
Torbjorn Vik Lunde
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I just got mine in the mail yesterday. I was curious about the UI of Meego and I just really liked the industrial design.

The phone feels abselutely great in your hand, way better than any of the Lumia’s I’ve tried. And the OS… it’s certainly flawed in many ways, but there is just so much potential in this. So many interesting ideas and ways of doing things. There where so many moments when using the UI I just thought “Oooh, that’s really nice”, like the way you set the time. I also love how the hardware and software design is more integrated than I’ve seen on any device. The curves on the sides are *perfect* for doing the side gestures.

Remember the iPhone prototypes that had some similarity to the N9 design? I wonder with iOS7 being side gesture oriented, whether we’ll see a return of that kind of design from Apple.

I think it’s incredibly sad that Nokia didn’t go more for this. If they fixed the flaws I think this could have been a truly great product, much better than the Lumia phones. I think Windows Phone is an interesting OS too, and the iOS/Android duopoly is sad state of affairs. I really wish we had more diversity in the mobile OS space, I’d love to have Android, iOS, webOS, Windows Phone and Meego alive and breathing. We’re a big planet with many people, surely the market space is big enough to support that?

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RE: Just got mine
by jamaca22 on Mon 30th Sep 2013 08:05 in reply to "Just got mine"
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Why no mention of BB10? This has a lot of the great swipe features present in Meego.The UI is also based on QT, with Android support!

BB10 is by no means dead and still fighting for relevance in the mobile space.

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