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So there you have it - ads are very likely going to be part of Gmail soon. After all, it seems almost silly to not monetize a core app with an absolutely massive install base - between 500 million and a billion. I just hope these ads won't be overly intrusive, and from the looks of things, the Gmail team is approaching the situation with care.

Ads on my Android Gmail application? Seriously, Google?


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RE: Comment by Drumhellar
by bassbeast on Tue 1st Oct 2013 07:28 UTC in reply to "Comment by Drumhellar"
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Don't use Gmail or other Google software products on your Android?

I really don't know why more folks don't walk away from these companies when they start sticking it to ya, I too have an Android phone but after Google changed their privacy policy and start bugging me to tie everything into my Real-ID, even something as simple as watching a YouTube video? I deleted my Gmail info from my android phone, disabled sync, and started using the Yahoo Mail app instead.

As long as you come up with "work arounds" instead of refusing to be jerked around? These companies will continue to act like jerks. if you and many others just start using IMAP how long do you really think that IMAP will be allowed for "non premium" customers? After all you WILL take the abuse, you show them that by refusing to stop using their mail service, so why should they care whether you like it or not?

If Google wants to act like jerks and slam me with ads so they can pump up their quarterly earnings? While I may have no choice but to use an android phone (Both Apple and MSFT are trying to out do each other in lock in) that does NOT mean I have to use Google software on it! I am using Yahoo Mail, using Dolphin browser, using Bing search, the only Google software I use on my android besides the OS is Google Play and that I use sparingly. If you don't walk away when they treat you badly why should they stop doing so?

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