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The latest smartphone sales data from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, for the three months to August 2013, shows Windows Phone has posted its highest ever sales share of 9.2% across the five major European markets* and is now within one percentage point of iOS in Germany. Android remains the top operating system across Europe with a 70.1% market share, but its dominant position is increasingly threatened as growth trails behind both Windows and iOS.

Good news for Microsoft - bad news for Apple. Of course, we'll have to see how the iPhone 5S and 5C affect these numbers.

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Nokia 520
by nikcomp on Tue 1st Oct 2013 23:35 UTC
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Numbers are based almost exclusively on Nokia 520 series phones. They are 80% of their sales so far. Hard to beat a 90 dollar phone with all those features. Not sure that is the phone Nokia is wanting to sell but it is selling.

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RE: Nokia 520
by unclefester on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 09:26 in reply to "Nokia 520"
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Not sure that is the phone Nokia is wanting to sell but it is selling.

Nokia business has always been about selling good phones at bargain prices. They are probably quite content to make $10-20/unit profit.[MS has always concentrated on low cost mass market products.]

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RE[2]: Nokia 520
by Nelson on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 10:56 in reply to "RE: Nokia 520"
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This. Nokia is the master of cheap. They can turn a profit on the 520/620 alone, and in app analytics suggest that the 520 is the most popular Windows Phone -- but has actually had a positive impact on the ecosystem. Its being used as a smartphone and not a glorified feature phone.

This may not be the phone Nokia wants, but its the one they need to drive volumes and push the ecosystem forward. The success will trickle upwards. You'll see the mid tier models start to accelerate as the mindshare and ecosystem grow to a point where the next price point becomes a palatable trade off.

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RE[2]: Nokia 520
by lucas_maximus on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 19:18 in reply to "RE: Nokia 520"
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Nokia hardware has always been solid and affordable even with the super cheap offerings (I have a cheapo phone that just works with a English Sim in it for when I go back to the UK).

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