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Manual window management is awful. Windows 8 ditched windows in favor of fullscreen apps. Traditional desktop window paradigms are powerful but obsolete.

Windows 9 unifies previous contrasting paradigms, taking design cues from all platforms and recent innovations.

Just an unofficial design concept, but damn, this is sexy. This is exactly what Windows needs - a combination of the old and new, leading to something seemingly far more usable than the monstrosity that is Metro in Windows 8.

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by Kalessin on Wed 2nd Oct 2013 18:22 UTC
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This is exactly what Windows needs - a combination of the old and new

And here I thought that what Windows needed was to throw out the new and go back to the old. I don't really care what they do with the tablet, but I think that it was a huge mistake to try and combine the tablet and desktop UIs, and metro-style apps make no sense whatsoever for the desktop. As far as the UI goes for desktops, Windows 7 is superior to Windows 8 in ever way, and they really should go back to the same paradigms that they were using before. Those work.

Too many people are interested in change for change's sake and don't seem to want to accept that we don't need to constantly redesign things. The door knob has been essentially the same for centuries. So have pots and pans. Sure, there are plenty of variations on their basic design, but we've long since reached the point where their basic design is optimal. And while UIs like Window 7's or Gnome 2's can certainly use more minor improvements, they really, really didn't need major redesigns. And yet we get junk like Windows 8, because the folks in charge of these things can't accept that they'd already reached something that was at least approaching optimal. Sure, the smartphone and tablet paradigms are new enough that there's plenty of room for major innovation there, but the desktop doesn't need a major redesign.

They need to just stop screwing around with the desktop.

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RE: Hmmm
by bogomipz on Thu 3rd Oct 2013 14:35 in reply to "Hmmm"
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I'm 99% sure that Microsoft's motivations for Metro are to force people into the interface so that buying Windows phones becomes the default. Because phone/tablet sales dominate computer sales, and Microsoft were late to realize this would happen.

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