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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Whether or not the Open fits your needs, one thing is clear: Mozilla needs more capable hardware to demonstrate Firefox OS' potential. The Open is good for someone whose alternative would be a basic flip phone, but the camera quality, connectivity, display and performance don't do full justice to the software.

A promising start, but clearly better hardware is needed. I'm really hoping Firefox OS gets a fair shot.

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My smartphone already has a browser...
by moondevil on Fri 4th Oct 2013 00:03 UTC
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with the additional benefit of full use of available hardware with native applications.

So what is the point again?

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The latest Android versions depend on faster hardware, you can't run the latest Android versions on cheap hardware. That is why you still see phones with Android 2.x on the market.

FirefoxOS doesn't depend on beefy hardware. It supposedly runs decent on cheaper phones for markets and people that don't want to spend as much money but still want a smartphone.

There are 6 billion people around the world with phones, only 1.1 billion of that are smartphones.

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Plenty of phones that run Android 4.x are available for around $100 unlocked. eg Samsung Galaxy Mini 2 and Huawei Y300. Within 6-12 months all Android phones will run Android 4.x.

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FxOS has full hardware support like native apps, but in html5/js.

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