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Mozilla & Gecko clones

Whether or not the Open fits your needs, one thing is clear: Mozilla needs more capable hardware to demonstrate Firefox OS' potential. The Open is good for someone whose alternative would be a basic flip phone, but the camera quality, connectivity, display and performance don't do full justice to the software.

A promising start, but clearly better hardware is needed. I'm really hoping Firefox OS gets a fair shot.

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RE: Don't care much for it
by Kroc on Fri 4th Oct 2013 07:30 UTC in reply to "Don't care much for it"
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They have the Unreal engine running in JS BTW:

At this point in time, JS that's compiled down to byte-code, with type-hints, is the same as Java / Android. Is android not "native" enough either?

What you're complaining about is UI. If it looks like a browser, smells like a browser, then it's just not native enough, right?

You are aware that just about anything native can be compiled into JS? -- Including an MP4 decoder that can play HD video.

Here's MESS, all 300 machines worth of emulation, running in HTML5:

Firefox OS has the interesting benefit of an HTML5 interface, but also the ability to run "native" code (with some conversion).

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RE[2]: Don't care much for it
by Soulbender on Fri 4th Oct 2013 11:13 in reply to "RE: Don't care much for it"
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Hurrah for porting stuff to one of the most awful programming languages ever.

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RE[3]: Don't care much for it
by Kroc on Fri 4th Oct 2013 11:50 in reply to "RE[2]: Don't care much for it"
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It's not porting, it's compiling. "Porting" would imply that you were re-implementing the same reference design in JavaScript rather than cross-compiling existing source in another language.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

JavaScript is actually pretty cool once you properly "Get It".

I love writing JS these days because I have a lot of freedom to do stuff how I want, because the language affords me that flexibility.

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lucas_maximus Member since:

It very impressive that the Unreal Engine has been implemented in JavaScript and can do all these cool things in the language but ...

Lets be honest, quite a lot of developers don't understand JavaScript and usually write it another like another language, which causes quite a lot of WTF code, poor performance and generally everyone abuses jQuery.

The number of developers that are going to use the techniques that you described are going to be in minority.

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lvl21ogre Member since:

I believe Unreal wasn't rewritten in Javascript in this case. It was compiled down to Javascript using LLVM and such. The entire point behind ASM.js and such was to try to let programmers port their non-JS applications into JS without nearly as much of the performance overhead you'd expect from such a process.

Of course that's an oversimplification, since you'll still have to worry about certain performance quirks or support limitations with the browser, but that's not much different from porting your game/app to any other platform.

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RE[2]: Don't care much for it
by moondevil on Sat 5th Oct 2013 15:52 in reply to "RE: Don't care much for it"
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Are you aware that what was ported was Unreal Engine 3, developed in 2006?!

Great! The browser in 2013 is able to display games developed with 2006's technology, given the right amount of CPU and GPU power available.

Now lets go back to my native games with 2013's technology.

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RE[3]: Don't care much for it
by _xmv on Mon 7th Oct 2013 16:42 in reply to "RE[2]: Don't care much for it"
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I'd like to know why "2006" technology looks better than the best games on android.

oh wait, a troll. maybe that engine has been updated over the year, damn! ;-)

you'd guess the 3 totally inaccurate posts from the same user would've told me!

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