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With the exception of Apple and Motorola, literally every single OEM we've worked with ships (or has shipped) at least one device that runs this silly CPU optimization. It's possible that older Motorola devices might've done the same thing, but none of the newer devices we have on hand exhibited the behavior. It's a systemic problem that seems to have surfaced over the last two years, and one that extends far beyond Samsung.

Pathetic, but this has been going on in the wider industry for as long as I can remember - graphics chip makers come to mind, for instance. Still, this is clearly scumbag behaviour designed to mislead consumers.

On the other hand, if you buy a phone based on silly artificial benchmark scores, you deserve to be cheated.

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Some are stereotype Apple fans, some are stereotype Apple haters.

At least Tony doesn't resort to insults and motivates his claims, but I guess that's part of that stereotype.

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What was it you found insulting? Equating the excessive fanboyism I've witnessed on here to religious nuts OR the relevant point I made before you "all" weighed in with anything to distract from it?

Apple are not increasing the efficiency in the software of anything other than their current device. The widely accepted status quo is that Apple will cripple your previously buttery experience with a new OS and pretty much force you to upgrade because that's what brings them profit.

Every product I use and like has flaws, I like to acknowledge them as part of their assessment rather than go on a campaign on behalf of a company.

So when I say:
Oh god, I forgot what happens what you dare speak against the almighty fruit god.

and a new account signs up today using a strange reference to "Tony" in order to further distract, it just re-enforces an already well founded view.

So keep signing up, misframing and block voting; intelligent people see through it.

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Intelligent people don't rant like you do.

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Uh, hm. I don't really give much weight to random comments on the Internets and it could certainly be that this "Tony" is a rabid fanboy and whatnot, but what I've read on AnandTech, Ars Technica and the likes I've gotten the image that Apple does do quite a good job with their upgrades to iOS, certainly better than more-or-less any Android-using manufacturer. The whole process of how upgrades on Android are handled is terribly shoddy and spotty, and it certainly doesn't help that Google didn't really put much thought into how to handle it in the beginning, left the whole process to manufacturers to handle and then the manufacturers often leave the process to the carriers! As such I do not find this "Tony's" comment off-the-mark or somehow derogatory.

I don't own a single iDevice and I certainly am not even going to own any because I happen to value all the power the openness of Android gives me, but unlike you I have no need to bash competing platforms or their supporters nor do I close my eyes to the problems with my favored one. Perhaps you should try maturing a bit and trying the same approach.

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