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This wasn't Grignon's typical route to work. He was a senior engineer at Apple in Cupertino, the town just west of Campbell. His morning drive typically covered seven miles and took exactly 15 minutes. But today was different. He was going to watch his boss, Steve Jobs, make history at the Macworld trade show in San Francisco. Apple fans had for years begged Jobs to put a cellphone inside their iPods so they could stop carrying two devices in their pockets. Jobs was about to fulfill that wish. Grignon and some colleagues would spend the night at a nearby hotel, and around 10 a.m. the following day they - along with the rest of the world - would watch Jobs unveil the first iPhone.

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RE: Next thing
by shotsman on Sun 6th Oct 2013 12:36 UTC in reply to "Next thing"
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Those Wall St Analysts seem to know what Apple is doing or not doing. It was them who cause thew sharp share price spike last year.
If it was Apple doing that then they'd be in deep shite with the Finacial Regulators but Analysts can seemingly get away with anything (like the Credit Reference Agencies...)

So watch the rumour sites and you might get an idea.
IMHO, there are plenty of 'things' that could do with sorting out to make it usable for the masses.
Smart TV would be at the top of my list but hey, I'm not an Analysts so what do I know.

I wouldn't put it past them to feed a few iWatch gossips. Look at the shite that has been rushed to market in the hope of beating Apple.

Boeing weren't the first company to start selling a Jet powered Airliner (the 707) but they were the first to get it right. Apple are IMHO in that game.

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RE[2]: Next thing
by Treza on Sun 6th Oct 2013 12:56 in reply to "RE: Next thing"
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I doubt Apple will build airliners.
For one, it is a bit harder to hide that phones.
They are nevertheless following the trend of using plastic [composites] in addition to aluminium.

It would still be something original. SmartTV and watches are so terribly boring!

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RE[3]: Next thing
by majipoor on Sun 6th Oct 2013 13:49 in reply to "RE[2]: Next thing"
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One of the strength of Apple is the ability to focus on a few technologies and do it well. Compare that to Google: they want to be everywhere and fiber network in US or cars or even Google glasses are completely outside their core business.

Whether it is better to be Google or Apple on that point, I don't know (even if I have my idea), but don't expect Apple to do anything completely outside their core business.

I don't know how anybody including Apple could bring something really revolutionary with a smart watch today: the technology to do it right is several years ahead I think.

But it is obvious that the TV industry, whether it is hardware, but mostly software, ecosystem and content delivery is ripe for a revolution. Only content providers are preventing Apple form disrupting this market until now, but I think things are changing and it will be the next step for Apple.

And of course mobile payments and micro-location things with iBeacon and BLE, but this is not something new as everything is already here.

And obviously, some don't think it is exciting either because they consider the current market is good enough or because this technology don't imply using Sci-Fi tech. I guess they said the same in 2006, just before Apple announced the iPhone.

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RE[3]: Next thing
by darknexus on Sun 6th Oct 2013 18:06 in reply to "RE[2]: Next thing"
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It would still be something original. SmartTV and watches are so terribly boring!

Smart TVs are boring, smart watches are absolutely useless. At least a smart TV would have practical uses; I still can't figure out the purpose of a smart watch and I've been trying.

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