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Samsung's Galaxy Gear television advertisement bears a resemblance to the original iPhone advertisement.

This made me smile, though:

There is just no shame - or original ideas - in this company at all.

Yeah! Except for display technology. Oh, and except for microprocessor design. And, of course, they are a driving force in memory chip design. Well, yeah, except for all those things from which virtually every computer product today benefits - Apple or otherwise - Samsung has absolutely no innovative ideas at all. What have the Romans done for us, indeed.

I don't care about Samsung any more than I care about other companies, but to shove the company's contributions to technology aside just because you lack the capacity to grasp the kind of more bare metal innovation they do just makes you look like an idiot.

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RE[4]: blind fools
by ezraz on Wed 9th Oct 2013 19:04 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: blind fools"
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"In other market segments, luxury makers try to give their products Apple polish. Look into features like engineering tolerances, flex ratings, drop tests, airflow management, battery design and features, weight distribution, manufacturing consistency, etc etc etc and you will find Apple above other computer companies. They just care more because their primary value in the open marketplace is that they are built better.

Apple polish? Since when does a high quality that we expect from any premium product is called "Apple polish"? Maybe we should say BMW or Mercedes polish? You know because those companies did it even before Job's parents were conceived.
Geez... Love Apple, but don't to rewrite history.

Since it's a computer we are talking about, it's software AND hardware that is built.

And please do explain what did Samsung rip-off from Apple in it's SGS4? (Hardware only please; because software is just a hack, according to your own statements)

And Android is still owned by an advertising company.

Which is relevant in what way?

Agreed that luxury car brands are part of Apple's DNA. Those rich silicon valley types have been driving german sportscars since their first half-million. I'm not claiming Apple started good design, I'm saying Apple takes design aesthetic seriously, ranks the designer's voice nearly on par with the engineer, unlike just about every other computer company in existence. There are any number of classic items, from lamps to cameras to cars that inform the design of modern Apple products. That's the point, replicating and refining classic design, because great design never goes out of style.

And no I'm not going to explain how the Samsung oihj[j]-q39r is similar to my iPhone, because I don't research every new android out. I've been happily running my current iphone for 3 years. that's also my point, apple designed the modern smartphone and almost everything since 2007 wants to look like an iphone or an ipad. it doesn't want to be something else, something new. almost no mainstream androids have more cool stuff, cost more, or look completely different than an iphone. that's the only points i'm giving to the ms surface - it's providing an alternative future (one from 1996 but oh well).

I write software, so I don't know why you think I called it a hack. Wrong guy. My point was Apple is one of the few that does both well, and manages to compete in various markets in both software and hardware.

What I don't get about the Apple hate that remains (now that they make so much money) is why won't someone compete with Apple head up? Develop your own platforms that run on your own differentiated hardware, open your own chain of retail stores w/free tech support, and make it all profitable based solely on "fashion" and "greed", as some of you write off apple fanboys. Even the term is ridiculous.

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