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Apple The momentum generated by Apple's iPod digital music players and related products continues to translate into new Macintosh sales according to one Wall Street analyst who estimates that over one million Windows users have purchased a Mac in the first three quarters of 2005.
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It has always been temping, but
by Edward on Mon 7th Nov 2005 17:58 UTC
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1. Can I get a Apple Mother board when they go intel or do I need a whole new system (Mac graphic card) I never got why you just couldn't get a Mac graphic driver.

2. The OS is $120 even for upgrades right?

3. Will my PC software work for mac when they go intel, ofcourse I have AMD so I would need a new case.

4, I would still beable to use my Intelimouse Explorer (USB) right? That Mac mouse looks like a pain to use.

5. Hate to say it, but I am kind of tired of linux as a alt. os.

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1. This is a wait and see. Although it is unlikely. You have to live with not opening your machine on a daily basis. For a lot of people they can't live without totally upgrading their machine manually. You can change graphic card / RAM on a Mac, but the blunt of it is that you buy a Mac to last, and they do. (G3's can still run Tiger nicely)

2. Every 12- 18 months Apple tend to release a new version of OSX. Sometimes the changes are huge and sometimes they are not. Sometimes many of the changes will apply to what you will do and sometimes they will not and it won't seem worthwhile. The long and short is that the OSX API stabilized at 10.2 and reached maturity at 10.4. Almost all software will work on 10.2 or above, some 10.1 or above, and some very rare stuff that makes use of the hardware acceleration in 10.4. Since 10.4 is the current version and the API is very mature and stable, backwards support for 10.4 is likely to be around for a very long time.

3. On Macintel you'll be able to dualboot Windows and OSX. I suspect that eventually emulation / VM software will be available so you can run Windows inside OSX.

4. Yes. All mice are supported without need for drivers. Extended buttons might not work or default to Back / Forward behaviour.

5. Personally I'm not tired of the OS, I'm tired of the people. They need to grow up if ever they want to achieve something.

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"2. The OS is $120 even for upgrades right? "

I don't have or use a Mac yet, but I'm pretty sure I can still give a good answer to this one.

You don't have to keep running the latest version of an OS when it's released, I stayed with Windows 98 for a long time before I finally had to get XP. I know people running versions of Linux they installed a few years ago even though updates there are either very affordable on upgrade pricing or free.

If the newer OS version is so tempting that you can't resist spending the money then wouldn't it be safe to assume it's worth the cost?

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