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Paul Thurrot has a number of rumours up about Windows Phone 8.1. Two stand out to me.

Where GDR3 is widely expected to support 5- to 6-inch screens, 8.1 will supposedly support 7- to 10-inch screens as well. This obviously infringes on Windows RT/8.x tablets, so it's not clear what the thinking is there.

So, Windows RT will become even more pointless than it already is.

Aping the iPhone navigation model, Microsoft will apparently remove the Back button from the Windows Phone hardware specification with 8.1. The Back button just doesn't make sense, I was told: Users navigate away from an app by pressing the Start button and then open a new app, just like they do on iPhone. And the "back stack" is ill-understood by users: Most don't realize what they're doing when they repeatedly hit the Back button.

This I am not happy with. The back button is my main navigational input in both Android and Windows Phone, and I miss it dearly in iOS.

I'm just hoping on performance improvements, still my biggest issue with Windows Phone. I used my HTC 8X for a few hours today, and I was stunned by just how slow everything is compared to Android 4.3. Of course, application quality is another huge issue, but there's little Microsoft can do to convince developers that their Windows Phone applications are more than just side projects done between serious work on Android and iOS.

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I'm sorry, but having had to use a HTC WP8s for a whole month as a main phone I concur on most of the points.
It's also very obvious that WP gets the least amount of support from app developers. Audible is not showing my WSJ subscription on WP, while it's there on Android and iOS.

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Fine, spell out the points with which you concur. Surely its not the inaccurate depiction of multitasking, exaggeration of state saving problems, and inaccuracy surrounding the status icon visibility.

Since you concur with most of the points but only specifically bring up one, I'm interested.

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- Apps take very long to switch 2-10!!! seconds, with the exception of some built-in apps
- IE tries to reload pages... that's really fun when you're out of a data connection and have been looking at a page with a contact number.
- Calling someone is a pain, specially when you have not called the person recently. And there is no most called, only call history... Why do I have to go to their contact card, open it and then tap on the phone number? If I already have all the intention to call them, not tweet at them or post something on their FB wall?
- Incoming call and call screens are visually overloaded.
- Apps on WP don't get any love... And I mean it. Even FB app is behind in functionality compared to iOS/Android.

It's plain frustrating. I took a leap of faith when buying a WP8 device.

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