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Dick move extraordinaire by Google.

On Friday, Google announced an update to its terms of service that allows the company to include adult users' names, photos and comments in ads shown across the Web, based on ratings, reviews and posts they have made on Google Plus and other Google services like YouTube.

When the new ad policy goes live Nov. 11, Google will be able to show what the company calls shared endorsements on Google sites and across the Web, on the more than two million sites in Google's display advertising network, which are viewed by an estimated one billion people.

If a user follows a bakery on Google Plus or gives an album four stars on the Google Play music service, for instance, that person's name, photo and endorsement could show up in ads for that bakery or album.

Luckily, we have an opt-out. Go to this page, remove the checkmark at the bottom of the page, and done - Google won't be abusing your personal information for endorsements.

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RE[4]: I remember a time...
by BushLin on Sat 12th Oct 2013 14:41 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: I remember a time..."
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Both your browsers give off information that can be used to identify you, here's some pages set up to spell out the specifics of your particular situation:

If you don't clear your cache and cookies, that gives out more identifiers which reside, if you don't block things like flash and javascript then you are almost certain to be unique even without information such as your IP address and your predictable browsing habits.

I'm not saying you need to be super concerned about Google knowing what product you're interested in reading about today but don't be so sure that you're not being tracked just because you switched browser and don't consider yourself interesting.

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RE[5]: I remember a time...
by Soulbender on Sat 12th Oct 2013 16:43 in reply to "RE[4]: I remember a time..."
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Both your browsers give off information that can be used to identify you,

Really, because I ran those two tests and panopticlick tells me absolutely NOTHING that can be used to identify me and IP

My screen resolution "contribute to my identification"?
Knowing what fonts I have installed is somehow "bad"?
My browser supports a lot of mime types. OH MY GOD!! is a lot of tinfoil hat crap.

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RE[6]: I remember a time...
by WereCatf on Sat 12th Oct 2013 16:51 in reply to "RE[5]: I remember a time..."
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2006-02-15 is a lot of tinfoil hat crap.

Actually, no. You can sometimes be identified simply just through what fonts you have installed, there are several large demonstrations and researches done on the matter. Combine the information of your fonts with every other bit of information they can get and the chances of identifying you rise very, very sharply. It's not just tinfoil hat - crap and I would suggest you to read up on it if you don't believe me.

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