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AnandTech has reviewed the new Chromebook 11 from HP/Google.

Chrome OS is extremely purpose built and it is something that should bring about great concern to those at Microsoft. I personally don't have a problem with Windows 8, but purpose built is hardly a phrase that applies to the OS - at least if you're talking about it on a more traditional PC. I suspect by the time we get to Windows 9, Microsoft will have a better answer to the critics of 8/8.1, but that gives Google and its Chrome OS partners at least another year of marketshare erosion. At the beginning of this mobile journey I remember x86 being an advantage for Intel, and we all know what happened to that. Similarly, I remember Windows/Office being advantages for Microsoft. If Microsoft doesn't find a quick solution for making low cost Windows PCs just as well executed as Chrome OS devices, it'll find itself in a world where Windows no longer matters to entry-level/mainstream users.

Apple's taken over the high-end, Google is taking over the low-end, and in mobile, the company barely registers.

Microsoft's next CEO faces a herculean task.

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Microsoft Needs to offer Windows OS as a free download.
If MS needs to secure the future years of computing. What matters today is the app (software) that will run on top of a platform. And that platform must be free.

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Microsoft biggest cash cows on the desktop are: Windows and Office.

With Google Docs offered for free and their plans to add more office compatibility to their offerings.

Officering Windows for free... might not be such a great idea.

Actually on the server side, Microsoft did the opposite and made Windows more expensive (there are more VM's these days, so people run less machines):

People buy a single machine license for the host and don't have to pay for the individual VMs).

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