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Jorma Ollila, ex-chairman of Nokia, admits Windows Phone was the wrong choice.

While Nokia brought in Elop and focused on Windows Phone, Ollila admits Microsoft's software hasn't helped the company. "We were not successful in using Microsoft's operating system to create competitive products, or an alternative to the two dominant companies in the field", he says, while noting it's "impossible to say what would have happened to the company if different decisions had been made in early 2011 or at some other time."

As if failing sales, a terrible financial situation, and a sale to Microsoft weren't enough evidence to conclude Windows Phone was the wrong choice for Nokia, we now have it straight from Nokia itself.

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by UltraZelda64 on Sun 20th Oct 2013 04:09 UTC
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Come on, you know he'll be here soon enough to attempt to hide Nokia's woes...

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RE: Nelson?
by Nelson on Sun 20th Oct 2013 12:20 in reply to "Nelson?"
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Actually waiting patiently for Q3 financials to come out on the 30th, and frankly NOK isn't as interesting to me now that the uncertainty about the Lumia line is gone. Not much analysis left to do on a mobile communications company. Its still a nice buy and I'm up over 7% from just a few days ago though.

Its obvious at this point that both Nokia and the devices division will live on. Its obvious every single prediction I've ever made here has been right.

There's nothing more to prove. I've made my money, had fun while doing it, and got to prove people on this website wrong while I was at it.

The fact is that if people believed in NOK enough to put their money where their mouth was when they argued against me, they'd be seeing triple digit returns on investment.

Intel and Yahoo are probably more attractive to me now with Baytrail and the Alibaba IPO that's coming respectively. Intel has an insurmountable lead on ARM that's going to crush it in mobile once it catches on. YHOO has an ex Google Search exec who I have no doubt will be able to monetize the damn thing.

I also shorted BBRY, playing a long game and absorbing losses until its eventual collapse. That company won't be bought by anybody worth a damn.

But yeah, I'm not really into wading into the trenches with the usual suspects when no new information has come out to impact either position. Nokia's specifically guided for increased sales in Q3, so we'll just have to see.

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RE[2]: Nelson?
by hamster on Mon 21st Oct 2013 07:09 in reply to "RE: Nelson?"
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I do believe we are lucky to have someone like you Nelson. Someone who can predict how Nokia will do and even so much that you can make a buck of it.

If i am not mistaken the Nokia share really took of when they sold the mobile division. Why would that be if the lumia are such a huge success?

Now i am no specialist in predictions and shares like you but i would think that selling the goose that laid the golden eggs would kill the share insted of giving it life...

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